Deepening The Friendship With Our Dear Lord

By Carol Chkoreff

Deepening the friendship with our dear Lord and His Word,

has brought eternal peace into my heart with His Holy Word.

Overcoming all strife with my mind focused on Him alone,

has caused my life to have more meaning when I moan.


Intercession brings about a change in our lives when prayed,

in earnest to God with strong faith that is unwilling to be strayed.

Troubles, trials, and warfare of the mind can rest assured in Him,

when we practice the peace of God and believe without a whim.


Care burdened soul traveling on this earthly sod can find peace,

in a world upside down where lawlessness is not on a leash.

Colossians 3:15 says let Peace be the umpire of our soul and trust,

in His Holy Spirit to bring about divine guidance in this sod's dust.


Oh peace of God, how marvelous when we first find the sweet secret,

of resting in Him and deepening our friendship with Him when we met.

Meeting with God in the quiet places of our hearts where there is no,

strife, war and a clamoring of things concerning the daily cares of woe.


Oh child of God learn the sweet art of spending time with God as told,

open your heart to His voice and watch all struggles seize their hold.

Deepening our friendship with our dear Lord lifts us up above all,

life's cares and gives us the peace and power to know He is on call.


There is no real peace in the friendship of this world of care, no matter,

how one searches for answers that could solve problems of the latter.

A flit here and a flatter there only brings on an impulse of rest,

deepening our friendship with our  Lord and His Word is the best.