He Will Give Strength To My Soul

By Carol Chkoreff


When we cry out to the Lord in trouble,

our soul will find strength in rubble.

Confusion sent to make us very weak,

can be fuel to make our souls peak.


Strength in our very being we need,

Psalm 138:3 provided that very seed.

Weighed down with the vicious attack,

God's Word sent the enemy to pack.


Flooding my soul with new strength,

refreshment to go the next length.

Oh the perfect joy to know that He,

strengthens our souls when we see.


Seeing Him in all things and His Word,

summons the Holy Spirit like a bird.

Oh the surge of peace that comes by,

Praying His Word even with a sigh.


Sigh seen by the Lord brings an army,

of strong angelic beings to rescue me.

Rescued when my soul was so weak,

from the evil intentions looking to seek


Lifting me from my mire of sad despair,

I began to rejoice at the fresh new air,

God breathed strength into my care,

and the victory was mine to share.