These two indigenous people groups have been unreached with the true Gospel. Through the efforts of  ISOB Latin American Directors, Carlos Miranda and Scott Rickles, they have arranged for the people they have trained to go into these remote areas with the Grow or Die book.


The reception and results have been very good.


Dear Larry,


This is a native pastor in the area of Palermo, and his family.


They have received the books and a seminar. Now he is giving the teachings to his people.


Palermo is up in the mountains. Very difficult access to the place.


The name of the leader there is Oscar Mamani.




Pastor and family in Palermo


Some pictures of the Salt mine in the puna (Puna is a high altitude) of Jujuy, (Jujuy is an State north of Salta)



A disciple, Sergio Gudino, giving "Free To Be You" to the leaders of that group.



You can see the salt in the background.



Check the pulpit, is made out of salt.