By Faith All is Well

By Carol Chkoreff

The Mother told Elisha that "All is well" when death knocked,

at the life of her son and her faith caused life not to be blocked.

Elisha prayed for the son and breathed life back into the dead boy,

then Elisha told the mother your son now lives for joy.


Basking in the Presence of God is the best way,

when trouble knocks on your door to darken your day.

Jesus never promised that we wouldn't  have sorrows,

but He did promise to strengthen us for all of our tomorrows.


In God's Book we read of saints who learned to speak faith and,

to stand on God's Word in the promised land.

God takes every trouble and makes it a beautiful blessing to tell,

if we believe that His living water flows from His springing well.


Jesus never promised we would not have the trials of life,

He did promise He would be there when pain cut like a knife.

Pain gripping our thoughts and every hold on strength,

then the Master says "Peace Be still" and the pain loosens it's length.


Freely given is the power that flows from that old rugged Cross,

to a world of lost humanity left grieving with the pain and loss.

Surgery from the entanglement of the enemy's grip and sting,

has given my heart the power to worship and praise for eternity the King.