Oh Lord call me into your secret garden of life,

to receive the cleansing water removing all strife.

Freedom from accusations and all that binds souls,

and the fiery darts and prisons that are hell's coals.


Oh love of God compelling the lost of humanity,

to come to the giver of life dispensing sanctity.

Sanctity that flows like a river from God's heart,

dispelling debris and blockage sent to depart.


Oh freedom that Jesus gives to our aching heart,

oh the blood that heals our soul from evil's dart.

Dart aimed at killing all that is Heavenly pure,

aiming to destroy our life with a force to allure.


Oh Maker of Heaven and Earth we bow down,

in total worship and adulation before your crown.

Crowned with glories streaming like Heaven,

revealing all that is lovely and pure in Heaven.


Oh ruler of the earth, Lord of all that is eternal.

we worship you Heavenly Father, oh King Eternal.

Worshiping you for all you have done to set us free,

from the prisons of the deceitful enemy of our soul.


by Carol Chkoreff