Inner Healing

By Carol Chkoreff


Realizing my need for help from the bruise in my soul,

knowing that my heart had taken a weary painful toll,

I searched for the inner healing that only God can bring,

which causes the weary soul to have a reason to sing.



Books and books galore to read of this inner healing art,

some with reason and some with more of the Master's heart.

Settling down with the "Book of all Books" gave me a start,

to find peace from this war that has been put on my life's part.



Isaiah foretold of the ministry of healing the broken hearted,

the weary and downtrodden when the anointing was imparted.

Parting the whole from the diseased and throwing away dead,

trespasses which have grown into a heavy piece of rotten lead.



Jesus came preaching as foretold, of the healing of the broken,

whose journey in life had left their hearts blackened as a token.

Shamed and guilt ridden, bowed down with sin's weight could,

only prove to be the reason our Savior would die on that wood.



Forgiving trespasses either intentional or unintentional positions,

one's soul to soar freely with the eagles into heavenly conditions.

Maintaining that wholeness can only give one peace, joy and rest,

in obtaining all that God holds true for us as His Supreme best.


by Carol Chkoreff