Following Jesus With A Made-up Mind

By Carol Chkoreff

Following Jesus with a made-up mind brings peace,
to the soul who has left all to follow the Lord's leash.
"Though none go with me, yet I will follow" is cried,
with the deep abiding assurance of the single eyed.


Focusing on the beauty and majesty of our dear Lord,
permeates our hearts with His everlasting love cord.
Glimpsing the radiance of the face of Jesus, moving from
'Glory to Glory' is basking in His love, peace and calm.


"Pressing on toward the goal to win the prize", I lay
down every distraction that would stand in my way.
Counting the cost of living for Jesus completely and,
paying the price for the 'Heavenly Field' lets me stand.


Standing in the midst of scathing accusations and trials,
with a made-up mind to follow the Lord in the devil's wiles.
Following the Lord through the years of difficulties and pains,
sharing in the joys and strengths of lives on the Lord's plains.


Nothing can compare to a life that has cast itself into the arms,
of the everlasting God and Creator of earth to follow His charms.
Depths of heart and inner fellowship with our dear Lord brings,
much inner strength and torrents of heavenly life giving springs.

Springing from a heart filled with the 'Living water' leaves,
no one with a thirst for the things of the world that deceives.
Following Jesus with a made-up mind brings abundant life,
and allows God to remove spiritual cataracts with His knife.


by Carol Chkoreff