Hearing God Speak

By Carol Chkoreff


Hearing the Lord speak to our hearts,

is the most important mission for starts.

Starting on a walk with the Lord is a choice,

and it entails learning to hear God's voice.


Jesus said "My sheep know my voice" for sure,

above all others the voice of God rings pure.

Spending time with the Lord guarantees peace allowed,

in a world upside down strewn with chaos so loud.



"Be still and know" God's Word has taught,

for generations of old many have sought.

Tranquility, peace and rest come to us only,

when we pursue the quietness of being lonely.



Being alone so that the sounds of the world,

and voices can not drown out a pearl unfurled.

Quietness is an art and peace not found by many,

missing the healing of God's voice provided for any.



Pains and ills are common to humanity we know,

God's Word has remedy and healing to show.

Disease and insanity brought on by much trouble,

are common to all because we don't live in a bubble.



Oh Holy Spirit inspire and teach us daily to long,

for the pearl of great price's place to belong.

Place of hearing the Lord's voice can assure,

that the direction is safe and the journey is sure.



Surety in the joy of the Lord brings on His Presence,

Oh River that flows from the heart of God's Spirit's sense.

Captivating our hearts and delivering our spirit's sense,

overbank our souls and bring healing with no pretense.


by Carol Chkoreff