Word of God

By Carol Chkoreff 

Word of God speak to my mind and heart of things to come,

positioned in the prophetic truth of visions left to only some.

Spoken from God's eternal heart to my heart of trust and reason,

for God's perfect journey given to me, carrying out in life's season.


Word of God given a priority in all of life's daily duties and jobs,

will produce many blessings eliminating where the thief robs.

Spoken in times of great stress, giving the power to run the race,

Word of God revealing the Glory of God and shining on His face.


Word of God placed in a man's heart will give him the peace to die,

facing the eternal and shedding this life with all of its' pain and lie.

Strength to rise and move where angels fear to tread can only come,

from a God who has life's power to sweeten death's stench to some.


Word of God spoken to a man dying is the only means of pain relief,

and the only way of breaking the spell of pain and relieving unbelief.

Myriads of angels escort one to Heaven's portal when God's Word,

is believed and trusted in with the greatest kind of love assured.


Word of God obeyed will bring proven results that can only come,

from banking our hearts and resources in God's economy income.

Resting assured that when this life is over there will be great joy,

found from trusting in God's Word where no one can destroy.


Word of God eases the troubles of this life, like cool ointment on burns,

soothing the scalds of fiery trials left to burn, blistering until man turns.

Trials are sent to scald our very souls and place them in the tormentors',

ovens for eternity, but our Lord comes with His Word relieves and mentors.


by Carol Chkoreff