By Carol Chkoreff

Psalm 133:1 describes the beauty when there is unity,

unity in purpose to do the will of God's Holy Trinity.

Oneness of heart brings sweet peace to one's soul,

dashing the enemy's plan to divide the heart's whole.


Blessed are the brothers and sisters who discover,

the secret of sweet peace where Jesus will cover.

Covering all of our sins with no wrongs to record,

erasing the strife and the work of a deceivers cord.


"Commanding a blessing" Psalm says is a reward,

when we dare practice unity and a heart bound toward.

Toward the goal of the prize of the high calling of God,

placing us into God's Kingdom, relinquishing earth's sod.


How beautiful the sweet secret of peace and a unity,

calming force of Grace which calls us into community.

Trusting in God's purposes can cause our soul to release,

into His mighty purpose where all struggling can cease.


Practicing peace is an art, not discovered by many people,

even with those who search for it under many a church steeple.

God's Word clearly says that there is a real blessing and a rest,

when we come together in agreement and receive God's best.


Day of Pentecost records the Holy Spirit coming to people as such.

who put aside differences and prayed to the Father for His great touch.

Great and mighty things can be done, if our sisters and brothers could,

only learn and practice the Gospel's lesson of unity, as we should.


by Carol Chkoreff