Waiting For The Prodigal

By Carol Chkoreff


A Godly parent never anticipates that their darling child,

will be a prodigal bent on discovering the worldly and wild.

Nevertheless life and culture attracts the one who is curious,

curious to the attractions that would make a parent furious.



Having not a surety of one's self a little lamb thought it best,

to kick against the teachings and rules that had been a test.

Finding the pleasures of the world a common thrill that can,

only lead to a life filled with heartache and pain for a man.



A Godly parent's heart bleeds with the agony of knowing that,

and that the little lamb will not hear the pleas and will try to combat.

Combating all that has been taught and shared of why the Lord,

and His ways will be the happiest part and why you won't be bored.



Wrestling in the midnight hour with the demons of hell and screams,

of thoughts cascading down from your own brain's tower of beams.

Rebuking the thoughts and speaking God's Word and His blood,

brings on God's peace and that there will be victory like a flood.



When the victory comes and the powers of darkness subside and toter,

like a river bank that has been overwhelmed with its content of water.

There is no sweeter fragrance than seeing this child's face glow with,

only love, truth and contentment that carries a message with no myth.



Only Jesus can truly bring such beauty and assurance of God's unfailing,

love and mercy that was bought on our Heavenly Father's Son's unfailing.

Trust and truth are born out of the fact that God is the same yesterday, today,

and forever and that He will never give up bringing that little lamb back to obey.



So weary parents be encouraged that God is more interested in that lamb,

than you are, if you can really get that trust in His unfailing love and His "I AM."

He is the "I AM" that never changes and neither slumbers nor sleeps planning,

a mission of bringing our children back where they can be all with no banning.


by Carol Chkoreff