Times of Grace

By Carol Chkoreff

Times of Grace came into my life when I believed,

Jesus the rescuer brought many blessings I received.

Days of doubts and hopeless nights had me deceived,

until the light of Grace overtook my life and I believed.


Grace that was shed on the Cross for my belief,

came over my soul with showers of love and relief.

Mercy flowed into every crevice and crook of my heart,

much needed healing and pardon became my part.


Overtaking my life with moments of help and aid,

times of reaching for unseen hands made me bade.

The Master's hands carried me on many missions,

to fulfill the tasks seemingly impossible commissions.


Walking into the stormy trials of life's intermissions,

overcoming the bleak circumstances of death's missions.

Basking in the Presence of God's light, love and care,

has given me a life worth living and a hope with fresh air.


Times of Grace have filled my heart with great trust,

knowing that at every rise of the road the Lord must.

All of my needs and burdens have found a resting place,

on the altar where God drips His Blood and healing base.


Living as a child of God means my life will have peace,

peace that can not be bought with money or on a lease.

Knowing that when I call upon the name of the Lord for Grace,

I will always find those moments seeing clearly God's face.


by Carol Chkoreff