Trust Is Worship To God

By Carol Chkoreff


After many tormenting days of worry and concern,

God spoke to my troubled heart a new thing to learn.

"Trust is worship to me" and I pondered this thing,

hearing the truth of His need for my heart to sing.


Setting my heart to trust the Lord in all things,

settling my mind with assurance in Him brings.

Gearing up to the new mindset of "worship is trust",

has brought a conscience desire to trust "I must."


Worship is trusting the Lord in all things though bad,

releasing a knowing that God has already them had,

All of my griefs and pains on the Cross were repaired,

with a healing balm of ointment that truly had cared.


Bowing down in worship to the Lord with a heart to trust,

brings my heart through most difficulties without a bust.

Broken hearted friends please know that the Lord is one,

in whom can remove your problem even if it weighs a ton.


Sojourner on this earth as we travel this sod and rust,

please know that when you decide to worship and trust.

All things work and truly are blessed by the real King,

having the power to seal you with His Kingdom ring.


'Man must worship something" we hear and how must,

we find this worthy vocation unless we find the real trust.

Word of God speak to our hearts and help us all find,

the treasure of all treasures who will help us in a bind.


"Trust is worship to God" has given me a new way to look,

at what God says to me when I read His Word in the book.

Book of all ages speak to me and let me know of your love,

love that could have only come down from Heaven above.


by Carol Chkoreff