The Hour

By Carol Chkoreff

I'll never forget the hour that the Lord lit a lamp,

at an old altar down in the floor of youth camp.

Mercy flowed from His throne above to my heart,

as I called upon the Lord to make me His part.


Jesus came into my heart with a flood of love,

knowing that He had come into me from above.

Opening the windows of Heaven for my heart,

dispelling all gloom with a mighty rampart.


Compelling rivers of love and truth overtook,

when I saw the Lord and wanted His Holy Book.

Driven to follow the Lord all the days of my life,

wanting only to please Him without any strife.


Finding Him faithful in all of the small details,

encouraged me greatly to give Him my sails.

Sailing over many storms and seas of life's quest,

has never faltered my choice for God's best.


"Amazing Grace" became my heart's plea,

the hour that the Lord came saving me.

Opening my heart to see the great light,

shackles broke off and I found a new sight.


I'll never forget the hour that the Lord came,

changing my heart and removing all blame.

Making a new person who was never the same,

heading for Heaven and playing only God's game.


by Carol Chkoreff