By Carol Chkoreff

I know the awesome feeling to know that my Lord,

has washed away all of my sins leaving no cord.

Impelling stabs of guilt and torrents of shame,

came from the devil with a mission to blame.



Condemnation sent to break all connection to His blood,

blood that was shed to wash and purge me with His flood.

Hours and days of browbeating from the enemies tools,

had plowed my heart and mind with accusations' tools.



Brow beaten down with accusation, gossip and blame,

only led me to fall further under the knife of shame.

Tormenting blows from people's tongues and eyes,

appearing to be God's messengers with mouths of lies.



Kindness and mercy swept into my house and life,

coming from the Lord who refused the debt of strife.

"Love Lifted Me" was the dear old song of my mother,

as she taught lessons that could come from no other.



"The Old Rugged Cross" became the song of my oath,

as the devil failed to destroy my life with his loathe.

Hatred of Jesus and Redemption's plan at the Cross,

the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ sent him a loss.



Now I stand with blood washed garments all of pure white,

that no one can smear because they are filled with His light.

"Forgiven" written on my brow instead of shame and guilt,

has given my life joy and life that should have been built.



The old thief and robber have failed another attempt to rob,

hoping to leave me with misery and a life filled with a sob.

Defeated by the power of Heaven's eternal light and mission,

"Forgiven" has placed the enemy in a job without a commission.


by Carol Chkoreff