Everlasting Joy Found

By Carol Chkoreff


Days of yesterday permeate my mind,

as I reflect on happenings that were kind.

Moments of tenderness and compassion,

brought on the unveiling of Christ's Passion.


Memories of youth camps fun with a prank,

created a thirst to be honest and frank.

Teachings of God's Word and truth,

inspired me to be a modern day Ruth.



The 'Living Water" flowed from Emmanuel's blood,

and the filling of the Holy Spirit came with a flood.

Changing my heart forever in His Word,

created lasting effects of the Spirit's bird.



Dove of peace and comfort arise,

to the dwelling place of heart and eyes.

Lasting until the sunset of life looms,

over the horizon and the trumpet dooms.



'Everlasting Joy' has been found,

and I am set free, never to be bound.

Peace and eternity that can't be bought,

but only can come from the Master taught.


by Carol Chkoreff