He Has Been Faithful To Me

By Carol Chkoreff

Rising from my knees of perplexity and despair,

God called me to remember His love and care.

He reminded me that I can trust Him with my life,

and that He has been forever faithful with no strife.


Looking over my life there were times of fright,

when it seemed that all was a horrible night.

He was always faithful and came through when,

I called out to Him with a heart refuting all sin.


Disagreeing with my faith about the Lord's care,

came crashing fears which make me beware.

Bewaring of what the enemy has a plan to do,

my Lord whispers sweet peace and peace is true..


Reminding myself of the many times of despair,

when an answer would come and clear the air.

Air of terror and torment so dark and smothering,

dispelled with the love and comfort of mothering.


The storms of life blow strongly on the winds of fear,

but the Lord is walking closely at the edges to appear.

"Peace Speaker" quiets the storms and another time,

of His faithfulness overtakes my heart with love sublime.


He has been faithful to me and in all that I commit to Him,

from always, He has been proven faithful without a whim.

Knowing that one fact about the Lord is what faith rests on,

faith in the faithfulness of God will get you through to atone.


by Carol Chkoreff