Enemies Bow Down To Psalms 91

By Carol Chkoreff

Psalms 91 declares the refuge of the Lord,

when we set our hearts with God's accord.

Enemies bow down to God's declared Word,

mighty angels send them flying like a bird.


Who can stand against the Mighty God,

no foe can win against His Lightning Rod.

Mighty are the saints daring to believe,

that our God reigns and will relieve.


Sheltered in the secret place of God,

cozier than a fortress built like a cod.

Who dares to encounter the Lord on high,

when He is sending our foes goodbye.


How beautiful are the wings of the Lord,

encircling our steps and feet toward.

No falling and no faltering will He abide,

as we run to the secret place to hide.


Trusting in the Lord and His Word will,

always get your food and pay your bill.

He will answer the door to your cry,

for help and will not say goodbye.


Finishing the work He starts with you,

never leaving you without a clue.

Life will make some sense and be,

all that God has promised to a tee.


Overcoming problems and life's test,

will place you with God's very best.

Armor on of God's Word and shield,

will always make your enemies yield.


by Carol Chkoreff