Israel Land Of Destiny

By Carol Chkoreff


Watching our plane glide over the Mediterranean Sea to the shore,

ancient land of Abraham's people gave us a sight of God's chore.

Rising up out of the earth to the sky was the beauty of land's mouth,

with the purpose of habitation of Israel from the north to the south.


Destination of Israel is the purpose and hand clock of God, we hear,

though many civilizations have fought and warred with many a tear.

Israel is God's special handiwork in which the human thrust for life,

a life of dignity and honor to the "Living God" has caused much strife.


Strife born of greed, avarice and concoctions of ungodly device lathers,

esteeming the temporal and earthly powers that be as all that matters.

Sweeping His hand, God settles the issues of each culture eminently,

who arrogantly swept into Israel for the purpose of taking permanently.


Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, YOU alone are in control of man.

your land of Israel is strewn with the workings of civilizations in a plan.

Plans of men and mice that all went askew, all creating a great mutiny,

Oh how we viewed the ruins of the Greeks, Romans and their destiny.


"Last Days" calling believers to develop the land for the chosen people,

out of Britain, America and the West came the mission to God's people.

"Come Home, it's time to rebuild and prepare for the day, and the

coming of the Lord," sounding the trumpet clearly with no delay.


Touring the Sea of Galilee we saw many sights of our Lord Jesus' life,

rising up to Jerusalem we viewed the horrors of HIS last days of strife.

Life and death given to the ultimate sacrifice for ALL who would believe,

life worthy for the "Perfect Lamb," sent to carry out what would relieve.


Beautiful destiny in exquisite pain delivered in that day and time,

when God's clock struck that hour of "Resurrection's Power"  with chime.

God's clock is ticking now for the next hour of power when God's hand,

will establish  "Resurrection Life" that was ordained in this restored land.