Journey Of Life

By Carol Chkoreff


Our journeys in life can be a disconnected maze,
unless we give our hearts to the Lord in praise.
Lifting up high the banner of Christ can raise,
our spirits in the most bright and joyful blaze.

Torrents of life giving water flow from God's side,
into our parched lives with an everlasting tide.
Tidal wave flow over me with all you have to give,
of God's refreshing spirit and let me truly live.


Live to the fullest of all you have to give Holy Spirit,
cleansing me of all cluttering debris held in a kit.
Held in such bondage that only a torrent of power,
could break through and free me in that one hour.


Lord make my journey of life one in which I claim,
all of the inheritance of the mission that you came.
Mission to sacrifice so that I could find real peace,
peace to have and peace to give for another's ease.


Comforting one another in life's journey is a need,
experienced by the way faring traveler with seed.
Seeding the comfort of God's faithful eternal care,
can bring on the fragrance of God's refreshed air.


Knowing that our God reigns in all of His power,
builds faith in the most distressing time and hour.
Journey of life is a most important decision to make,
and where we put our trust and faith when we ache

By Carol Chkoreff