Oh Lord You Are A Shield For Me

By Carol Chkoreff 



Oh Lord you are a shield for me and a lifter of my head,

cast down by many negative voices encircling my bed.

Voices that say there is no help for me in my great need,

oh Lord come and rescue with healing for me to plead.


Pleading the Blood of Jesus and crying out to the Lord,

always brings sweet peace and joy for me on a cord.

Cords of music and peaceful delights sound out the new,

day when the Lord comes with healing in His wings too.



Encampment of angels around our souls comes when,

in the darkness we breathe His Word and turn from sin.

Absolving all guilt and challenging the accuser of guess,

announcing peace and proclaiming news of happiness.



My God reigns and He is a protector of my heart and life,

reducing my terror and nightmare until there is no strife.

Majestic is your name in all the earth and sea as a King,

ruler of all and master of the universe inspires one to sing.



Praise and worship to the only God and King supreme,

overtakes me with His pleasure and power like cream.

Cascading down my soul and spirit to my inner being,

until all of life that showers down on my heart is beaming.


by Carol Chkoreff