The Power Of Gentleness

By Carol Chkoreff 

The power of gentleness and patience in the Holy Spirit,

has come to my mind for my heart and life to commit.

Walking with someone through life can be the only way,

that they can see Jesus and choose Him for a better day.


The power of gentleness can be seen in a mother's way,

of nurturing her baby with the sounds that can only say.

Your needs are my concern and your comfort is my zone,

of caring and loving until you have become all on your own.


The power of gentleness can be seen when the strong are meek,

taking their God given strength and channeling it into the weak.

When I am weak, He is strong, we learn when we walk along,

with the Master of our fate, who calms the angry with His song.


The power of gentleness is a paradox to the mighty who think,

that brute force and flesh can achieve without a downward sink.

Overcoming the world's troubles comes to the strong in the Lord,

who have learned the secret of God's love and refuse to be bored.


The power of gentleness gives us the peace to conquer strife,

of our enemies, when we dare to trust in the Holy Spirit's life.

Child of God, power is given in the spirit to the meek who trust,

in His unfailing Word which can not fail, because He said, He must.


The power of gentleness in the Holy Spirit can rescue a soul,

who has been placed in a sieve to be thrown into hell's bowl.

Bowl of misery and doom, which has no place of escape except,

from the Good Master who will overcome evil, when we 'Him' accept.


by Carol Chkoreff