Dove Of The Holy Spirit

By Carol Chkoreff

Dove of the Holy Spirit, come and still my soul,

until I find the answer and make you my whole.

Answers that can only come from our Father God,

are slowed down with issues that master this sod.


Dove of the Holy Spirit, master my mind with peace,

make me sensitive to obey you, strong will to cease.

Worthless talk and doings should come to an end,

allowing the gentle whisperings of peace to attend.


Dove of the Holy Spirit, comfort my heart from above,

with the comfort of a sound mind, peace and love.

Cleansing my heart with your faithfulness and hope,

to overcome the dredges of sin with Heaven's soap.


Dove of the Holy Spirit, reign in my heart until all said,

of cares and concerns become a done deal put to bed.

"Worthy is the Lamb", maker of my heart to conquer,

all trials and concerns that deny the miracle worker.


Dove of the Holy Spirit, rescue me from my mind,

settling all stress that comes from enemies behind.

Master of my soul, anchor my mind and heart to hear,

the sounds of Heaven, so sweet to all that is near.


Dove of the Holy Spirit, play on my heart strings,

a melody with sounds of Heaven's angel wings.

All that is eternal becomes so precious when life,

ponders on the "Eternity" where there is no strife.


by Carol Chkoreff