"Overcomers" Christmas Party

By Carol Chkoreff

"Overcomers" Christmas Party on Sunday night,

called our class and hearts to the wonderful light.

Time of rejoicing and time of fun filled fellowship,

and to our spirits we recognized His authorship.



Memories of last year's party, summer picnic and a trip,

that we took to Sifat's mission camp gave laughter a rip.

Hearing the chatter of hearts that were enjoying the food,

brought on the joy and presence of our dear Lord's mood.



Jack and Rose shared their memory of uniting for prayer,

about those long ago needs and times of God's great care.

We were presented unexpected delightful gifts,

born of hearts that wanted to express encouraging lifts.



Toni and Turea sang "God didn't give up on me" and,

that is the message of this Overcomers class band.

Warren also worshipped with songs of God's great love,

and power that could only have come down from above.



Who can touch the limitless love of God without awe,

and His moving and being in our spirit with mind of law.

Government set in the New Jerusalem and not on earth,

spawned our Overcomers with heaven's order of birth.



Author of all that is truly good in our life, bring on life,

life that is birthed out of resurrection's victory over strife.

Strife that was derived from evil's need to conquer God,

the only real God of all that could overcome earth's sod.



The Glory of God is revealed to us as we give more to Him,

His Word says we go from Glory to Glory seeing more of Him.

The heart of us that has found the Gospel of our dear Lord,

must reach out so the Spirit of God can remove the evil cord.

Our "Overcomers" Christmas party presented each other,

with a reminder that God and God alone was our author.

Author and finisher of our faith as we celebrate His plan,

for the Overcomers class to reach out to woman and man.


by Carol Chkoreff