Healing Of Our Child

by Carol Chkoreff


Healing of our child was the most urgent need ever,

watching the sickness grow more severe to sever.

Life that had flowed so healthily now became weak,

the future turned dark and gray with storms so bleak.


Standing strongly was the power of God's Word to heal,

believing and trusting the Lord made our hearts kneel.

Nights and days of agony would call us to intense prayer,

cries of desperation for healing became our heart's care.


Bending double with thoughts of the possibilities could,

torment our minds and make us pray that Jesus would.

Brokenness and spending time in God's Word became,

the pathway for us to find healing for all of sicknesses blame.


Waiting for God's mercy and calling out in the midnight hour,

knowing that Jesus had paid the price for healing in His power.

Agony and feeling great pain that all would go well,

brought great compassion for us to tell.


"You are the Lord that heals me" was the song of our heart,

watching and praying for healing became our part.

Hearing the doctor's words of despair brought,

a weight of heaviness that we strongly fought.


Walking up that hill to the surgeon's knife and care,

with God's Word to perform life things left us bare.

Bare to the need for God alone for His intervention,

knowing that He would use His prevention.


Healing came on the wings of His mercy for our child is well,

healed with the greatest care and trust that we tell.

Knowing the Lord has intervened and given to us a great gift,

brings a joy of how much God wants to share His gift.