Trusting In The Lord's Mercy

By Carol Chkoreff

"Mercy compasses around those who trust the Lord",

Psalms 32:10 speaks daily to my heart to get on board.

Trusting in the Lord is a way of life that brings peace,

peace to know that our life is bought and not on lease.


Where can I go from the Lord's protection and plan,

that He has not already traveled and told me "I can."

Plans of mercy and a good future His Word does say,

are waiting for me to receive when I trust and obey.


Mercy is not lightly taken when one is a traveler in this land,

stepping onto the high places with the aid of an angel's band.

Knowing that undercurrents of the Lord's great mercy power,

have plummeted me into the regions of the Heavenly tower.


Envisioning the regions of the unknown beyond laid out in trust,

trust that says God's Word is the only real dimension of thrust.

Stepping out into visions of His great love eliminates all doubt,

knowing that He is ahead of me with His great light all about.


Who can search the depths of the limits of God's mercy and love,

all around us is a world that is hungry for real trust from above.

Knowing that God's Word is where our hearts should be banked,

will give our whole minds and hearts a healthy peace to be thanked.


"Compassed around with mercy" gives me the impression that all,

of my life's events are buffered with the most thoughtful heart's call.

Calling me to fix my eyes on only the Lord's face and Will secures,

my life and my heart with everything that cannot be bought with lures.


"Trusting the Lord" is the highest call that we can have on this earth,

simply believing the Lord Jesus has received our heart's new birth.

Trusting and leaning on the Lord's mercy sends great power,

power that manifests itself in rescuing us in peril in our hour.