By Carol Chkoreff

Misunderstandings stand between people like a wall,

built to keep separate the hearts and minds of all.

Jesus paid a price for unity in the church and for us,

to be able to be honest with His love and discuss.


Misunderstandings stand like great mortar blocks,

to the forgiving process of Jesus as He knocks.

We allow the tides of unmovable destruction and rocks,

to impede the flow of the Holy Spirit as He knocks.


Misunderstandings create animosity between brothers,

standing worshiping God in the Holy place like no others.

Discreetly thinking that God does not see the plaqued heart,

clogged with garbage that blocks the healing of God's part.


Misunderstandings cause a man and a woman to stand,

silently nursing their grudges and losing their Holy land.

Holy land that was given by God to possess and make,

all that He had promised in His Word when we partake.


Misunderstandings that are healed and made clean in His Blood,

are washed away into the sea with His torrential love flood.

Mountains of mercy and love that is so pure cascade down,

purifying tainted water and remnants of this world's town.


Misunderstandings forgiven can make Heaven on this earth,

where only strife and all kinds of sins had made their birth.

Rivers of Living Water immersed in the heart so pure now,

have brandished all evil and will only pure love allow.


by Carol Chkoreff