Amazing Apprehension

By Carol Chkoreff


I remember the joy of my new birth,

of amazing apprehension and worth.

I remember the laughter, joy and tears,

knowing this would be here for years.


I remember the voice of Jesus in my heart,

and the sweet filling of my vacuumed heart.

I remember the ecstasy of learning to discover,

eternity of life and that it would never be over.


I saw the heavens opened and angel's bands,

Jesus the Lamb of God with nail scarred hands.

'Glory' filled my soul with Heaven's sensation,

never to forget that life giving transformation.


I remember the smells of flowers with scents,

as though sweet aromas of a beautiful essence.

Overtaking my life with the light of grandeur.

when I found the love of my Savior so dear.


by Carol Chkoreff