Oh Worthy Lamb of God!

By Carol Chkoreff


Oh worthy Lamb of God who took,


all my sins and made me a new look.

A look of radiant light and a new joy,

only found where life can really enjoy.


Joyous streams came from Heaven above,

bursting into my inner being of God's love.

Wells of living water broke into my heart,

showering down the glory into every part.


Rivers of living water flowed into the deep,

when I let the Lord take me in for the leap.

Leaping into freedom which can never compare,

with anything this world can ever want us to wear.


Holy Presence fill this place with all of you,

so we can worship in all that is made for us too.

Lamb of God gave the ransomed price for this gift,

which would present us free for that Heavenly lift.


The river of God that flows from the Heavenly throne,

will purge everything from our mortal bodies to the bone.

Delivering us from all impurities that have sent death,

sin of death sent to corrupt us and give us no breathe.


Breathe of God flow into our mortal bodies giving life,

life that gives immortality and takes away all war and strife.

Oh Lamb of God, King of Kings, we worship only you,

slain before the foundation of the world for us in lieu.


The Lamb who took our place on that old rugged cross,

so we would not have to have the devil for an evil boss.

Slaughtered so we could have the Divine health and plan,

that none of us could have ever dreamed about as man.


by Carol Chkoreff