By Carol Chkoreff

God comes on the scene of repentance real,

no devil can keep you trapped for his meal.

The brokenness of a heart truly sorry and contrite,

will in no wise be cast out from God's Holy sight.


Thank God for the refreshing flow from heaven,

that comes when the heart is clean of leaven.

Facing the truth with confession to God and man,

opens heaven's streams of radiant love with no ban.


Jesus died for all man's sin on that old cross,

so that no one would ever be thrown in the toss.

Understanding God's great love can set you free,

to be all that He has planned for your life to be.


Mercy streams from heaven's great bank account,

canceling the debt that had only tripled in amount.

Burdened with heavy guilt and a load of weight,

Jesus has stepped in to unhook the devil's bait.


Oh, how wonderful to hear the dear Master's call,

"My child you are free from hell's chain and ball."

Mercy flowed from heaven and love was so free,

when my dear Savior came and rescued me.


Freely given and freely received was God's love,

a debt to pay that took God from Heaven above.

Bruising and defeating the devil on the cross,

so that no man would be found with a look of loss.


By Carol Chkoreff