Dear Brother Larry & Carol, Brother Dave,

Receive Calvary greetings, we are fine in the Lord and exited of what God is doing round here for the sake of His Glory. Though brother Larry is still away, I cant hold this from all of you brethren. I am really amazed of what God is doing here through Grow or Die discipleship teachings. On 2nd and 3rd Dec I made my first ever visit to Nakuru Gk prison after an invitation to introduce discipleship teachings.

I remember when I informed brother Larry about the mission he advised me to use the junk to jewels book. I selected chapter 7- Overcoming is our assignment. I am amazed of how God reveled Himself to prisoners through the teachings for the two days I spoke to them. Some were on chains but I thank God that out of the 1,200 prisoners I spoke to,  300 gave their lives to Jesus, though their physical chains were still on but their spiritual chains were broken on that day and hey were set free.

Praise God! I latter had chance to speak to 80 born again wardens. I introduced them to Grow or Die discipleship teachings, they were exited of the anointed teachings and they decide to form a discipleship group.

I gave them five copies of Grow or Die of which they still need  more to use also in discipling  Death & life sentenced prisoners who gave their lives to Jesus. Brother Dave I just came to realize that Grow or Die is needed even with them in physical chains -  Larry & Carol God bless you for the most anointed teachings - God used you to bring the right material of the times.

I am expecting some of the wardens in the Dec 15th-17th conference in Nakuru. We are going to have a great number of attendees we trust God for such a big success of this season. God bless you abundantly, - pray for Nakuru.

Julius okoch