A quote by Watchman Nee

"Christian progress is not a question of attaining to some abstract standard, or of pressing through to some far-off goal. It is wholly a question of seeing God's standard. You advance spiritually by finding out what you really are, not by trying to become what you hope to be. That goal you will never reach, however earnestly you strive. It is when you see you are dead that you die; it is when you see you are raised that you arise; it is when you see you are holy that you become holy. Seeing the accomplished fact determines the pathway to the realization of that fact. The end is reached by seeing, not by desiring or working."


It is when you see that you have indeed been crucified with Christ and raised with Him that you can experience the blessings of the resurrected life.


Spend more time with God, in His Word than you think possible. The result will be that you will become what you thought was impossible!


Larry Chkoreff