Dear Overcomers,


I would like to share a devotion from today's "Streams In the Desert -#2", that was part of Larry's and my devotions this morning.  A lady by the name of Mrs. Charles E. Cowman has compiled these devotion books from writings from old great men and women of God.  Mrs. Cowman has always impressed us with her own writings in these devotion books, as well.   I also have liked the fact that she has not revealed her own first name, but rather has respected her husband's name.  What a lady!

This particular day's reading is what we are trying to teach in Sunday School to all of you "Overcomers"  It is about "Faith in God's Word" when all trouble has broken loose.  These old saints had learned where the victory was to be found.  They had learned that God will speak in His Word and reveal, or give you personal revelations or promises to hold onto to.  I hope you enjoy it.








      Whenever your adversary pours in upon you like a flood suggesting all kinds of impossibilities and improbabilities, what are you to do

and how are you to go forward?  Take down the old Book (The Word of God); sit far into the night; read the promises and the prophecies.  Read again the heartwarming words of Daniel:  "There is a God in heaven that revealth secrets."  Your night will unveil new stars never seen by day.  On the black thundercloud a rainbow will appear--God's everlasting covenant--and you will find a sunrise at midnight.


"There's acres of blue up there,"  he said,

Beyond all these clouds and rain;

There's oceans of joy and love somewhere,

Apart from sorrow and pain.


"There's millions of stars that man's never seen

Where life can begin anew;

There's perfect calm where the ends of a rainbow

Dip into acres of blue."




What shall you do?  Act as people who have no faith,  no light, no discernment?  You cannot be like the unbelievers caught in the whirlpool and sink beneath the swirling waters of doubt and despair. 

You are a pilgrim of the day;  a pilgrim of the light, guided by a glow as soft and tender as it is warm and luminous.  Thank God for the assurance of divine guidance, and pray that you may stand in the right relationship to all the impossibilities and improbabilities.


"Trust in the dark brings Triumph at dawn."


Mrs. Charles E. Cowman



Faith finds her path through

Many a starless night;

And without wonder, meets

The coming dawn--

With confidence she journeys

Toward the light,

And as she goes, the darkness

Is withdrawn.


Again I hope you enjoyed reading her take on faith.