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Becoming whole people


"Christ did not end our pain at the Cross; He purchased our freedom. Evil no longer has power to enslave us and alienate us from God. Because of the Cross, I have someone to go to with my pain and despair, to have it resurrected as joy and hope." (Finding Your Way Home, Kenneth A. Schmidt, Regal Books, Ventura, CA, page 130.)


We can now walk straight into the worst looking evil and pain, and with the power of the resurrected Christ in us, we reverse the process of death as He did. As we reverse the process of death, we find that we are turning the evil and pain into blessings. All of a sudden we see jewels created from junk!


As we reverse the process of death in our circumstances, we are also reversing the process of death in our souls. Facing evil, facing pain head on while we are holding the hand of Jesus, is a making a major contribution in rebuilding our soul and making us real people.


We do not become whole and real people by having someone remove our pain and giving us a quick fix to our problems. We become real when we face real life, its responsibilities, its labor, its failures, its evil people, its relationships, and trust that the pain is working in us something eternal.


Larry Chkoreff April 2001