A letter from the Lord

Don't be afraid anymore, My child, From now on I will be with you always; I am your God, for you have asked Me to control your life. I will give you the strength you will need to live it for Me. You can count on this strength always, no matter what faces you. I will always hold you up with My strong hand of perfect goodness. Yes, I know, I know how little you are beside the vast powers that move My heavens. You are just like a worm, blind to the fullness of My power, with a very definite liking for the old, safe dirt afraid to go out into the sunlight of My Presence.

But, I am in control of all this universe. I give breath to all people on the earth, and I have called you in goodness and mercy. I promise you I will go with you and keep you if you stay close to Me. None of them will ever be turned away. I give such rich gifts to My children! The gift of peace is one of them; All the world cannot give you this. You don't have to worry anymore, nor be afraid In the house of My Father. I have made a home for you. It will be there, waiting for, you, when you fall asleep in My arms.

The most priceless gift I give you is the gift of living forever! The real you will never die. Nor will any man be able to pull you from the shelter, of My hand. The God of Forever will be Your safe hiding place, and underneath you are the strong arms that hold you up and never let go.

You are like a little lamb, newborn, and I am Your Good Shepherd. From now on You can learn to recognize My voice. You will know Me someday just as I know you, now, and now you can learn what I want you to do for Me.

If You REALLY love Me, promise Me you will do what I ask. The tasks I give you will never be too big, too hard. Read what I have said in My Book. It is given to you to make you fit and right in all matters of life. You will discover its hidden riches now that you can spiritually see. Every word I have spoken is full of living power. It will help you, to decide differences between My will and the way You used to walk. It will stab right down deeper into hearts than a switchblade, showing what is really going on inside them. I have caused it to be written so that you will trust Me more and more, and that through trusting, you and all others you meet might have the life that I want You to have.

Talk with Me all the time. Never let yourself get into the place where you can't pray. It will help you keep a brave, trusting heart in all places at all times - Yes, even when the, way is difficult and hard. From now on you can expect trouble from the world around you. You don't belong to the enemy’s world anymore, but to Mine. So, whenever you are hurt for Me in any way by the world, you can have a secret cause to be glad: You are doing it for My sake. So you an be happy about it. It is one sure proof that your life is now truly different.

Work for MY wages; I don't pay My friends in the same evil way the world usually does. Every unselfish act you do for Me, lays up treasure for you in our unearthly palace So don't let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold.

Don't worry over material things like food, drink or clothes to wear; Only people without Me as their Friend have cause to do that! No, always look for what you can do for, God and His world first (Remember, He is the spring of goodness, and He knows your real need). And I promise you - I give you My word - every single one of these things will be taken are of. I want you to tell others about Me too, just as My Father and I shared that someone called you was down there, lost - Someone I was willing to die for because I loved and valued you so much.

So, tell your friends-everybody you meet in the whole, wide world that there is Someone in Heaven who longs to love them back unto the great family of God. That if any one of them is really sorry enough to give up his sin.

Call on My name, ask Me to rule in his heart. I will save him and make him powerful to become a son of God, just as simply and wonderfully as I changed you. Be careful, child; beware, of your enemy, the devil. He walks your earth like a raging lion. He searches for those he can tear and kill. He comes for one purpose; to steal and kill and destroy.

So watch and pray in case you feel like toying with temptation. Never doubt Me in anything I tell you! I would never, ever lie to you. I want you to remember that. For doubt will break the contact between us, and you will again feel lost and afraid. Here is a tremendous fact I will give you all power over any of the devil's forces of darkness and evil.

If you solidly resist him in My strength, he will run in fright from you. You can do anything I tell you to in My power; If GOD is working with you, nothing will be impossible! What I give you to do will never be impossible! Don't forget to meet with others who also belong to Me.

If you are really walking in the light of My life, you will want this friendship to share the glorious thing My Father and I are doing in your life. Then you will learn just what it means to know that My blood can clean you utterly from sin. If you slip, if you fall, and an old habit catches you off guard, don't cover it or pretend. Tell Me about it; bring it all out in the open. I promise to forgive you and clean you up again, no matter how much you have hurt Me I promise to put it all behind My back and get you started again.

My child, above all else, love me! With all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. More than houses, lands, careers, families, friends, children. Not until you begin to do this will you really be able to love others Just like I love you. -

The Lord Jesus


Used by permission for ISOB students in Africa and other countries. Handbook for followers of Jesus Chapter 1, Winkie Pratney author Bethany House Publishers. Copyright 1977 not authorized for resale.