Hidden Desperation



Jesus revealed Himself to me when He knew that I could no longer hide my desperation (August, 1979).


The message of our book "Grow or Die" is for the desperate person. Its message is:


"Repent. Turn from trying to get your needs of love, security and significance met from the methods of the world, and obtain them from the Word of God planted in your heart as a seed that grows. Go back to being a child who obtains all of his needs from his parents."


It is a simple message offering a simple solution for simple people. It works for the illiterate and the uneducated. It will even work for the rich and intelligent.


So why don't more Christians take advantage of this wonderful offer? I suppose that they do not realize how desperate they really are. They are hiding their desperation the same way people do who do not know God. They take the same pain killers that the people of the world use.


Some common over the counter pain killers are:


1. Addictions.

2. Performance.

3. Control of others.


All of these pain killers serve only to drive the poison deeper into our souls, and soon demons latch on to them and make us prisoners. They only serve to hide our desperation and our need for God to intervene.


This is the way of the people who have no covenant with God. We not only have a covenant with God, He lives in us! He is our Father, and He is committed to supply our needs if we allow Him.


I urge you to read "Grow or Die," especially the first chapter on "Fruit." It is available on our web site, or I will mail you a copy.


Love, security and significance can only be satisfied by God, and God prefers to work through planting His Word in our hearts and allowing it to grow and bear the fruit of love, security and significance.


Come out into the light of His love, be "naked" and trust Him with your inner most needs. Then stand back and watch Him work miracles!


Larry Chkoreff October, 1999