Help Wanted

Construction Workers


Limited number of positions open for the construction of New Jerusalem, a City designed by Jehovah God and being built by Jesus of Nazareth. Exceptional pay. The Master has a habit of paying for a full day in compensation for one hour of work. Fringe benefits include health insurance, retirement with full pay, protection in all forms of evil, need and want; free emotional and psychological counseling.


Job consists of using The Master's own tools and property to add several finishing sections to The City, called New Jerusalem.


Qualifications: Applicants must be willing to submit to being changed (during a probation period) from a foolish to a wise virgin in the context of Matthew chapter 25.


Warning-Disclosure: Many former applicants have been disappointed and quit during the probation period when they discovered that the Master's tools were their problems, perplexities, infirmities and handicaps which have been strained through The Master's Cross, washed and coated in His Blood disarmed and defused of all evil and their ability to harm, and converted to a highly valuable construction material known as jewels through an amazing but time proven process known as "overcoming". Many preferred to stay as foolish virgins and see these "tools" as enemies. When their Master returned at the end of the probation period, they did not even recognize Him.


After the conversion process from foolish to wise the few that made it discovered that they had been carrying around the most valuable raw material in the universe. When they plunged these problems into the Cross the very nature of these former problems had actually been changed from bitter to sweet, from enemy to friend, and their reward was beyond explanation. Some actually reported that they saw wolfs fellowshipping with lambs.


Interested parties should contact:


The Holy Spirit


Larry Chkoreff June 13, 1991