Hearing from God


In the Old Testament if the people could hear a prophet speak a Word form God victory was a done deal. After all, God spoke! 2 Chronicles chapter 20 shows this example. In verses 15-17 the prophet spoke to the people not to worry about the impossible odds that confronted them. In verses 17-18 the people worshipped and praised God, just because God spoke, not because He had removed the enemy. We know the story, the enemy defeated itself.


We also need to hear God speak. It is one thing to "read the Bible," yet another thing for that reading to become a rhema, or a personal Word from God. Remember John did not try walking on the water because Jesus spoke to Peter, not to John. If John had said, "Wow, Peter did it, I can do it," John would have perished in the storm. Peter heard Jesus speak, "Come." It was a personal word directly to Peter.


So what can we do to hear that delivering Word from God, the one that we can bank on no matter what the circumstances?


The parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4 can give some insight. Jesus was talking about the Word, and after the parable He issued a warning about hearing the Word


(Mark 4:21-25).


"21 Also He said to them, "Is a lamp brought to be put under a basket or under a bed? Is it not to be set on a lampstand? [In other words, my revelation in the Word is something that I want exposed]


22 "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. [The revelation in the Word, the rhema, is hidden, but only so that it can be found]


23 "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."


24 Then He said to them, "Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you; and to you who hear, more will be given.


The Amplified version of Mark 4:24 reads, "And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure of thought and study you give to the truth you hear will be the measure of virtue and knowledge that comes back to you, and more besides will be given to you who hear."


[I think He was saying that we need to be intense about hearing Him speak, so intense that we need to use care in listening, so that when we hear we can immediately obey, and continuously meditate upon what we have heard]


25 "For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.""


[If we have been good hearers in the past, we will receive more revelation each time we need more]


I can tell you from experience, when God speaks, victory comes! Take time to hear.


Larry Chkoreff - February, 2002