Good news!


Whatever difficulties come into your life, when they hit the resurrected life of Jesus in you, they must turn into blessings.


However God wants your cooperation.


1. You must believe. The only way you can believe something this far out is to be in fellowship with the Lord for yourself.


2. You must live the overcoming lifestyle. According to Revelation 12:11 that includes focusing on what the blood of Jesus accomplished, taking up your cross and living a consecrated and godly life, and slamming the Word of God, your testimony, against the Satanic forces in our lives.


3. You must have patience and wait no matter how long it may take. God's Kingdom includes many jewels. The foundations are adorned with jewels, the wall was made of jewels, and the gates are made of pearl. Jewels take time in their process of creation. They require heat, pressure, and darkness.


This process will make you a co-creator with God, and will cause you to rule and reign with Him here on this earth.


Larry Chkoreff - February, 2002