GodŐs Courtroom

Sometimes when I am going through a difficult time, the Lord reminds me of a story He spoke to me out of Daniel Chapter 7.


Daniel (in chapter 7) was living as a captive in Babylon. He had been through the lions den, he saw his buddies go through the fiery furnace. He was witnessing some of the most powerful kings and kingdoms that the world will ever see.


All of the sudden WHAM! He had a dream and he wrote it down. He saw a courtroom and a trial taking place. This is a picture of you and me in our "trials." I believe that what we call "trials" are really courtroom proceedings in the heavenlies.


Have you ever been to a trial? Or have you ever been in a trial? Have you ever experienced a trial in life? Check out this courtroom!


The prosecutor, Satan, accuses you. The evidence comes in. It does not look good. He begins to wear you out. You check out his record and discover that he has worn out many before he focused on you. You feel fear!


You hear the verdict in the lower court, "guilty." Perhaps you did not handle things just right and you do have some guilt. Maybe you were without guilt but the prosecutor was just skilled. Job has been in this courtroom and we have a first hand report on how it worked out for him. He appealed to the Supreme Court. You decide to try one more appeal, maybe, just maybe you can overcome the impending sentences and doom.


You walk into the Supreme Court and you glance over and see Satan at the prosecutorŐs bench. He is staring at you with evil so thick that you can feel it in your bones. You see his intelligence and his stacks of papers of evidence. He is smiling at you.


All of the sudden, a voice sweeps the room and says, "All rise for the Judge."


Daniel 7:9-10 says, "I kept looking until thrones were placed, for the assessors with the Judge, and the Ancient of Days, God the eternal Father, took His seat, Whose garment was white as snow and the hair of His head like pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame; its wheels were burning fire. A stream of fire came forth from before Him; a thousand thousands ministered to Him and ten thousand times ten thousand (one hundred million) (some courtroom) rose up and stood before Him: the Judge was seated, the court was in session, and the books were opened."


A BEING enters the Courtroom!

Just before you are getting ready to cave in, just before you feel that you cannot stand any longer, just when you have given up all hope in your fleshly resources for making a defense you decide to enter into praise. You are praising the Lord for his character, His reputation, His reliability and His faithfulness (this is called "The New Song"). Just then the Son of God steps into the courtroom!


"In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence" (Daniel 7:13).


Imagine with me now that something like this takes place. Jesus comes over to you, puts His arm around your back and says, "My friend, leave this one to Me." Jesus comes before the Ancient of Days, the Father. He asks Him to look out the window. The Ancient of Days commands the window to be thrown open. He has a bittersweet look as His head turns and He sees outside the city. He sees Golgotha. Behold, He sees a Lamb slain on a Cross. He turns to you and to me and He says,





"Then I continued to watch because of the boastful words the horn was speaking. I kept looking until the beast was slain and its body destroyed and thrown into the blazing fire. (The other beasts had been stripped of their authority, but were allowed to live for a period of time.)" (Daniel 7:11,12).


"And there was given Him the Messiah, dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations (tribes of gentiles), and languages should serve Him. His dominion which shall not pass away, and His kingdom is one which shall not be destroyed" (Daniel 7:14). Daniel 7:26-27 says that the saints prevail and take away the dominion of Satan.


It would be beneficial to read Daniel 7:7-28 for the entire story.


This is a case where the prosecutor, Satan, gets a big surprise. He was prosecuting you in court, and he lost his possessions. Jesus actually gained all the WorldŐs kingdoms at the Cross, but when we enter into this courtroom, and go through the trials of life is when we actually take possession of them in reality for His Kingdom. Our trials are like a mission trip for the Lord.


A good friend of mine from Ghana Africa recently told my story to some believers in Ghana, the country of his birth. When they heard this story, they exclaimed, "Amahe, jo, amahe." There is no direct English translation. The closest translation is, "This is too much for my soul, I am overwhelmed, I am beside myself."


Next time you find yourself in a TRIAL, a suffering, know for sure that it is a trial, but the Judge is God the Father, your Advocate is Jesus and your accuser is Satan himself. Look behind the circumstances that always lie. Look to the Word, look and see what Daniel saw, and say "Amahe, jo, amahe."


Larry Chkoreff