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 Caleb and Hebron


"Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite to this day, because he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel." Joshua 14:14, NKJV.


"We are well able to overcome" is the declaration of the man or woman whose confidence in the Lord is unqualified.  He believes God's promises are trustworthy, and that because he is with his people, victory over every foe is assured.  Do you believe this?


Many do, but with a faith that vacillates.  They sing their song of praise, and the words are right, but there is something hesitant about the fund.  With Caleb it was otherwise.  He sang the right words firmly, to the right tune.  Listen to their brave ringing tones:

 Caleb and Hebron

"Let us go up at once and posses it;

For we are well able to overcome."


He had no doubts whatever about his God.  But note too the urgency of that first clause." Let us go up at once!"  True faith brooks no delay.  One who reckons God faithful to his word declares this not merely by doing his will, but by doing it instantly.


Watchman Nee A Table in The Wilderness



It was July, 1982.  My family was facing impossible financial circumstances, among other challenges.  The Lord spoke to me this story of Caleb going for the heights, Hebron. 


Hebron infers the closest association with God.  Caleb was now 85 years old, having spent at least 40 years in the wilderness, and only one of two men who went the distance with God.  He perhaps should have taken rest after that long journey and enjoyed the Promise Land.  But no!  Caleb wanted the heights.  You should read the full story.  On the way up to Hebron were the Anakims, giants for sure.  Their name infers "strangulation of supplies."  In Joshua 15:17 Othniel shows up.  His name means "force of God."


My family's supplies were for sure strangled for a season, but we took the spirit of Caleb and went for the heights of communion with God.  He overcame for us and gave us "Hebron."  The Anakims were defeated in our lives.


Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…..all these things will be added.


 Larry Chkoreff February 2007