Psalms 23

Heavenly Courtroom 2017

Rejection and Abandonment

Don't Waste Your Overwhelming Circumstances

Poem - idols

When the Enemy comes

Reconcile all things

Die to the world

God's Courtroom

Dimensions of God

My King is....

Satan's plan

From Reaching Towards the Heights

Provisions in Famine

The Secret of Afflictions

Dethroning Kings Causes Desperation

Help Wanted for Buiding New Jerusalem


Life Includes Fire

Love The Lord With All Your Heart

Love Your Neighbor

Courage by David Livingstone

Are you hounded by fear?

Knowing or Doing?

The Spirit Cried out

Give Jesus a Good Day

Dethroning Kings Causes Desperation

Use what is in your hand - Matthew 25

Whatever He Says, Do it

The Story of Saint Nicholas: More Than Reindeer and a Red Suit

Caleb and Hebron - Reaching for communion with God

Hear Him!

A short devotion Death and Resurrection

Seeing is the Key


How desperate are you?

Make it your passion to know Him!

Laid out flat!

PruningPastor Benjamin Tomah

The Resurrection

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Why all this opposition?

He hangeth the earth on nothing

Be sure to love the truth (Truth)!

You are a jewel!

Hear God

Good News!

Come up here (2)

The law that liberates

Pressure of Gethsemane

Have you ever been denied a miracle?

Make us glad in proportion to our afflictions

Magnify the Lord

Run back and get it!

He that scatterth

The Spirit helps our weakness


The woman caught in adultery

Day of Vengeance

What is overcoming?


More than vengeance

Fear - Scarecrow

Proclaiming Christ

Overcoming As He Did

Vengeance Needed by God


All things reconciled

Unveiled face

Scepter of Righteousness

The Last Seven Minutes

Worthless Idols - the lie


Becoming whole people

A higher call?

The Almond Tree

Turning afflictions into weapons

Poor Worms


Death Certificate

Frogs - Unity


Are you in the Ark? World Trade Center Bombing

The power of His resurrection verses your own power

Bruised People

Lessons from the eagle

December 2001

The Word became flesh

December 2001

Solomon & Lilies

Rich Young Ruler

Come, we are thirsty!

No "sweat" in the Kingdom

Can wood sink?

Come up here

The law of Your mouth is better than gold

No Middle Ground

Crown of Life

What sends the devil away?

No Checkmate for Satan

Enter His rest

Pool of Bethesda

Sowing and Reaping

Reconcile your account

Come North Wind

Noah found grace


The lame take the prey. Isaiah 33

New Song!

The Value of Hard Times-Wisdom


Our identity

Serving the Half Dead

Finding Worms

Just give up and die



Inheriting God's Will


Check Your Eye


Stay in Zion - Carol Chkoreff

The blessing of having died with Christ


Mt. Zion, The only place of safety

The Throne of Grace

Anti Venom

Truth and Light

Check your "Blessing Quotient"

Enter into God's Rest

Check your oil


Wash some feet

Hidden Desperation

Crown the year

Prisoner to Priest - Isaiah 41