The Heavenly Courtroom

The Mystery unveiled!

Did you know that your very troubles, afflictions and sufferings in life are no less than your opportunity to bring the Kingdom of

God to earth? 

At the Cross Jesus ambushed Satan. Because Jesus is righteous, crucifixion on the Cross was illegal. Jesus overcame Satan in the Heavenly Courtroom. When suffering and demonic forces attack you, you can convert the attack to an ambush because you too are righteous, by faith in Jesus, therefore rendering the attack illegal. You too can overcome the satanic forces that attacked you and render them inactive forever in the Heavenly Courtroom. See chapter 11 in this book for these two courtroom visions that Daniel had.

This is not a quick fix for problems, but it is an eternal jewel for the Kingdom of God. God has planted in human hearts the desire for comfort, peace, and perfection. But seeking those things first will make them an idol in your life. You will strive for those things rather than for God himself who alone can give you true comfort, peace and protection.

However in seeking God first He will put you on the front lines of warfare in the spirit world. Your expectations for comfort, peace and protection may seem unfulfilled. Seek Him first and his power in you will convert all of your discomfort and sufferings into eternal treasures for you and other.

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