Wisdom is the key.

Wisdom fills treasuries. Proverbs defines Wisdom as personally hearing the voice of God.  It is God speaking His revelation knowledge to you; His rhema.  God's revelation plants a seed in your heart, which causes His fruit to become manifest in and through your life.  It also glorifies Him, or in other words, shows others who He really is.

Wisdom is also a fruit.  It is the fruit of the fear of the Lord.  This is the reason that we require that each micro-business candidate be certified as a Psalms One man or woman.  Chapter 1 goes into detail on this subject.



Table of Contents


Instructions for Students

Part I –  Doing things God's way

Chapter 1 – Psalms One Certification

Chapter 2 - Godly Capitalism

Chapter 3 -  Wisdom – Who is He?

Chapter 4 – Faith to Succeed

Chapter 5 – Success and Failure – No Condemnation

Chapter 6 – Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 7 – Godly Principles For Success

Part II  - Learning Business Basics

Chapter 8 – Market Research

Chapter 9 – Product or Service Pricing

Chapter 10 – Start up Costs...... 65

Chapter 11 - Marketing

Chapter 12 – Running Your Business

Part III – Your Business

Chapter 13 – Three-Year Financial Plan

Chapter 14 – Business Plan

Chapter 15 - Action Plan

Appendix A – Three Year Financial Plan

Appendix B – Executive Summary

Appendix C – Loan and Promissory Agreement

Appendix D – Local Training Mentor's Manual

Appendix E –Monthly Cash Flow Report

Appendix F Business As Mission

Appendix G Farming As Mission

Appendix H Simple Profit Projection


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