Dead And Yet I Live

By Carol Chkoreff


I am crucified with Christ, and yet I live is such a powerful truth and joy,

Making all of life's reasonings foolish and transitory like a broken toy.

Being dead with Christ allows the living God to take a strong position,

Confusing the enemy with his plans to take the upper position.



Knowing that He who lives within me knows all and sees all my future visions,

Frees me to rejoice with a newfound joy and flow in unlimited love and provisions.

Casting my cares to the unseen God who is the raptured Christ in visions,

Fully alive to live in supernatural realms of splendid grace and caring protection,



How limitless is the flow of the Holy Spirit when I put to death my carnal appetites,

Crucified with Christ but yet I live to glorify His living in my Heavenly sights.

How can one say I live and yet I die, except by seeing the glorified Christ in light.

Arrayed in light never seen by mortal eyes, but only through an immortal light.



Oh glorious day when stripped of idols one steps into the portal of glory,

Shining brighter than a sunbeam is the immortal light of glory on the inward heart,

Leaving one spellbound at the eternal dimensions opened with a part.

Parting this world from the eternal a change appears and ones heart is freed.



Freed from deadly dregs that have kept one living in worldly carnality.

Freed to be crucified with Christ to expedite the glorious light of glory in reality.

Dead and yet I live and testify to the truth of how the inner heart can shed the skins,

Skins and carcasses that entrap ones mortal being to a massive weight of sins.



Nailing that dead mortal body to the process in crucifixion,

Frees the inner life of Jesus to grow into a joyous fusion.

Oh how high and mighty is the love of God within my being,

Exploding to new heights and worlds unknown and seeing.