By Carol Chkoreff



Voices of silences all around me and yet I hear the pounding screams.

Voices of whispers that surround me and yet I hear joined sharp calls of teams.

Voices of demands that surround my heart demanding answers to their selfish screams.

Voices of noises all around me and yet I hear the silent voice of the Lord and in dreams.


Dreams within our inner being that propel us to achieve the most in life.

Dreams that come from silence and sleep within our inner cosmos of strife.

Dreams that come to us from The Lord to bring us to the place of faith and trust.

Dreams that pursue us with the most intense desire for peace and trust.


Learning whom we can trust is a viable and necessary skill to live the life we must.

Accepting that surrendered love from the Cross can give the ultimate trust.

Trusting that one born of the supreme sacrifice for all mankind brings peace.

Living in peace is not in human living but in dying flesh for His increase.


Mercy has wrapped my soul to the close sounds of the real drummer of Heaven.

Love of God wrapped in earthly form rescuing mankind for Heaven.

Heaven came down expressed in billows of light and sounds of love.

Faith overtook my heart and mind transporting me to the above.


Voice gently spoken hushing the birds from their melodious songs.

Voice strongly spoken causing heart surrender from life's wrongs.

Voice of earth entangling us with beckon and call for whims and plans.

Voice of eternal transcending us with immeasurable love bands.