Hello Brother Larry and Mom Carol
Greetings from Kisumu Kenya , Praying that you are all doing well. I wanted to share with you what God has been doing through ISOB discipleship ministry here in the last week. We have witness a great move of God opening a door for ISOB in one of the 3 largest maximum prisons in Kenya where we were able to introduce the Grow Or Die and Free to Be You books and God moved in the hearts of inmates to love the books and also the principal chaplain think this is the best tool ever that they will be using for the inmates discipleship classes. We ministered using Grow Or Die to over 100 inmates and witnessed 6 of them give their lives to Jesus for the first time. We have permission to start classes here from end of this month and teach Grow Or Die ..We also visited Women department and met and introduced the books to over 200 women who also are ready to get enrolled in our classes.  We also had the Lord open a door in the next prison called Kibos main Prison where we met hundreds of inmates and introduced and launched the Grow or Die classes. We prayed and had wonderful fellowship with all the inmates and they really long to see us again and again sharing the Grow Or Die teachings and Free To be you with them.  
Daniel and his team helped us donate soaps, sanitary towels and tissue papers to the inmates which was very important. The principal chaplain in charge of Nyanza where no one has taught our books gave us permission and freedom to visit and introduce our lessons to all the other prisons under his leadership as principal chaplain.. we hope to reach 3 more prisons and launch our lessons in the next one month. Thanks to entire board of ISOB USA for your prayers, partnership and support especially helping make available manuals that we are able to use in these prisons. You are counted with us in our achievements.
love you all as you keep us in your prayers and thoughts.
Maurice Odhiambo
ISOB Director